Rogue Transducer is a theatre and performance art company, based in London, UK. It strives to engage audiences with questions of identity, perception, and communication. Our productions use various media in unconventional ways, and pursue new paths to accessibility. Rogue Transducer connects audiences to each other and the world in exciting and refreshing ways.

Here’s a few things Rogue Transducer likes to play with:

  • technological globalization tangibly manifested in site-specific work
  • gender and sexuality
  • non-linear time experience
  • sound and noise scapes
  • identity and its politics
  • boundaries of forms of daily communication
  • theatre as gift
  • and more…


All titles, content, media, and descriptions © 2014-2015 Griffyn Gilligan AND © 2014-2015 Rogue Transducer All Rights Reserved. (Unless explicitly stated otherwise.)

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