Currently, Rogue Transducer consists of one central member, Griffyn Gilligan. Griffyn frequently works with other artists as collaborators and mentors on individual projects.

20141011_180942Griffyn Gilligan is a director, performer, documenter, and media/sound artist. He is currently studying his MA in Advanced Theatre Practice at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.  Griffyn is also a member of Ponyboy Curtis, an ensemble led by Chris Goode. He holds a BA in Theatre and and BA in Gender and Sexuality Studies, from St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Griffyn hails from Maryland, United States (Washington, DC. area), and he lives in London, UK. He has a wonderful and brilliant husband, Marshall, who is a professional dancer, and a very smart guinea pig, Dorian Grey, who likes spinach.


All titles, content, media, and descriptions © 2014-2015 Griffyn Gilligan AND © 2014-2015 Rogue Transducer All Rights Reserved. (Unless explicitly stated otherwise.)

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