” T a k e n   C i t y ”

Taken City Image

Choose a word. A phrase. A quote. A photograph. Select something that holds meaning for you. Post it in a city to all who pass by. Give it to a curious stranger to keep.

This is an active, durational, installation event. Anyone and everyone may submit an idea to the project at These submissions will be attached to Post-It Notes, and will be put up somewhere in London. A photo of the piece (with the location noted) will be posted on the blog page. And the words, “Take Me!” will be at the top of every piece, inviting a stranger to take a slip of inspiration away with them.

Visit the project here for more details and to submit your own piece.

November 2014 – ?


” W h i t e   H o l e   N o i s e ”

White Hole Noise Logo 1

A person sits onstage, holding a radio. They believe they are being studied by aliens. As sounds and music break through the static, they try to talk back. They dance, speak, listen, and recall. The radio emissions take them through several scenarios, part memory and part detailed reliving.

Eventually, they realize that by starting the conversation, by finding and creating beauty in the static, they can send a message back to whatever and whoever is out there.

“White Hole Noise” is a one-man, 10 minute show written and performed by Griffyn Gilligan. It debuted at the BAC Homegrown Scratch Night at the Battersea Arts Center on Friday, December 5, 8:30 PM.


IMG_27224918551904 IMG_27255038187882

[Production Stills from the BAC performance. Credit inc. Farhat Seade, producer.]

It was also be performed at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, as part of the MA Advanced Theatre Practice Scratch & Sniff Night, Friday, December 12, 2014.

This show is a stand-alone piece, and is currently in development towards being a full-length show.


All titles, content, media, and descriptions © 2014-2015 Griffyn Gilligan AND © 2014-2015 Rogue Transducer All Rights Reserved. (Unless explicitly stated otherwise.)

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